3 Skills to Consider Before Hiring an SEO Expert

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BY Chris Loomis

Knowing SEO is important these days as a crucial part of digital marketing. But for first-timers, SEO can be overwhelming and confusing. Nonetheless, learning how SEO works can be a worthwhile investment for your business especially if your goal is to get your brand known across, increase engagement, and gain more sales. 

Hiring an SEO expert is also a good idea to help boost your business. However, make sure to hire someone who knows everything about SEO. Getting the wrong person means wasting your resources, energy, time, and even the potential revenue and brand opportunities. 


What to look for in an SEO expert 

An ideal SEO expert should have a balance of these skills. 


Critical thinking 

Someone who is aspiring to be an SEO Specialist should have strong critical thinking skills. For one thing, the digital marketing landscape is forever changing which is why marketers are able to adapt and not be left out. 



This is much more needed these days considering that we all have to adapt to the “new normal”, individuals and businesses alike. An empathetic SEO expert should be able to understand its target customers. Do they care not only for business results but also how they can serve the customers better? 


Strategic planning

Knowing how you are going to plan and implement your strategy is also crucial to your business’ success. At the same time, considering the details, and short and long-term goals. The SEO specialist should also be tech-savvy and are adept in using various SEO tools and other digital platforms. 


SEO: An overview

Experience is important when hiring someone regardless of the job vacancy. The same goes when hiring an SEO professional. SEO refers to the optimization of web pages in an effort to rank them higher on search engines and gain organic traffic. For starters, an SEO specialist should be familiar with on-page, off-page, and technical SEO. 


On-page SEO 

This includes using some essential SEO elements such as: 

  • Alt image text 
  • Internal linking 
  • Site structure 
  • Content 
  • Title tags and metadata 


Off-page SEO 

This has more to do with a website’s popularity. It is like a popular student back in your high school days. Your website will have higher chances of ranking high on search engines, the more high-quality sites that link back to your own website. Other factors that can affect your site’s credibility include your domain name, website age, and linked social networks. 


Technical SEO 

This one is more technical as it uses more complex techniques to achieve a website’s SEO marketing goals. These techniques work together in order to rank higher on search engines. 


Why you should hire an SEO expert 

It will be one of the best business decisions you will ever make. An SEO expert in Franklin TN will help boost your brand in the long run, as long as you hire the right person with the right knowledge and skills. SEO is important in business nowadays, if you don’t want to miss any opportunities and ensure your business’ success!

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