Get Security and Lighting Speed For Your Website

If you want to get found online, you need to ensure your website is built properly, which starts with having a solid foundation.

It's sort of like building a house. If the foundation is not strong, the house can have problems. 

For properly built websites, that foundation begins with secure and fast hosting.

What is hosting?

Hosting is basically a server, or host, where your website lives. All of the information, text, photos, videos, etc, on your website has to be stored somewhere. The website theme, the layout, all of that lives (or is stored) on a server, called a host. 

Why it's important:

Finding a clean and optimized host is important for having lightning fast clicks (which Google rewards you for), speedy updates, and high security to keep you and your customer's information safe.


Ultra Secure

This matters for many reasons.

You want your website to have an SSL Certificate. When you see a padlock in the browser search bar or when a website has "https" before the domain name, you know it's secure AND your information is safe. 

With out it:

  • Google will penalize your site rankings.
  • Customers are afraid to opt-in or pay.

100% Clean

Not only do you need SSL, you don't want to be on a server with a lot of bad neighbors. 

Our servers are always 100% free from adult sites, gambling sites, and pharma sites. 

Too many bad neighbors on your server and Google will pull your site to the bottom with the spam sites for being guilty by association. 

With us, you never have to worry about who you're sharing servers with.

Fast and Dedicated

Our servers are lightning fast and optimized for WordPress websites. 

We also don't 'fill' our servers to maximum capacity like many companies do. They are trying to maximize profits, but is slows your site down. 

So we keep our server capacities at 25% of max so your site loads super fast for maximum rankings and conversions.

Backups on Amazon S3

You never have to worry about losing your data.

We automatically back up your website to the could every week.

  • Instantly retrieve your back up if needed.
  • Restore your site in minutes. 

Customer Service

I have to brag a little here: our customer service is outstanding!

Anytime you have questions or need help with your hosting settings, contact our experts in the hosting support team. 

  • Fast response times 
  • Technical expertise

Email Included

Company email is included with our hosting plans. 

A branded email is far more professional than using a Google email or the like for your company.

Plus if you want to send emails via an automated email service, you absolutely must have a branded email, otherwise you email will just go to your customers junk folder as spam.   

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