4 Email Marketing Phrases You Should Stop Using, And What to Use Instead

BY Chris Loomis

Email marketing is a powerful way to reach out to your customers and promote your products or services. It helps you build customer loyalty and grow your business. A digital marketing agency can also help you with your marketing strategies and achieve your business goals. 

If you have strong email marketing skills, then this section is for you. If you are still figuring out how to improve your email marketing skills, scroll down for more useful information. This section will help you understand the basics of email marketing and the best phrases you should use and not use anymore. 


Email phrases you should avoid 

When you send emails to customers, make sure they understand what you want to say to them. Proofreading your email is one thing. Choosing the best phrases to catch their attention is another. Avoid these email phrases if you don’t want your emails to end up in the bin. 


“Checking in”

Never use this phrase as a subject line. If you want to say something to your recipients, say it directly in the subject line so they know what to expect from your message. 


“I understand how you feel”

This phrase may sound thoughtful and well-meaning, but could also sound condescending. Instead of using this phrase, you can try something like “I can see how this is frustrating you and I want you to know that we are addressing this issue as soon as possible”. People calling customer service not only want validation but also action. 


“We will try…”

This phrase sounds unsure and less confident and can turn off your customers. Remove the “try”, just say you will do it, give a reasonable deadline, and deliver the best way you can. 


“No problem…”

This phrase can be the opposite. It may sound that you are forgiving your customers for doing something wrong instead of accepting their thanks. That is why you should get rid of this phrase in your emails. Instead, you can use straightforward phrases such as “you’re welcome” or “sure thing”. 


Email phrases you should use 

Meanwhile, email marketers should use these phrases to communicate with customers and build their brand: 


“I hope all is well”

This kind of email message creates a friendly atmosphere and put your customers at ease. It makes the email personal and accommodating. It will seem like you are checking in on their well-being rather than focusing on solving their issues immediately.


“My apologies for…” 

There will always come a time when you will make mistakes and have to take accountability for your actions. Instead of using “I’m sorry”, “my apologies” sounds more professional and genuine to customers. 


“I’d be happy to…” 

If you are offering help to the customer, you should sound enthusiastic to do it for the. After all, you are there to provide an excellent customer experience and that should be your priority. 


Email marketing can be tricky because you use written words to communicate your thoughts to your customers. Choosing the right words is important since customers cannot hear your voice but only base your intentions on them. For more tips about email marketing, contact a professional digital marketing agency in Franklin TN today!

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