4 Reasons Why Digital PR is Important for Link Building and SEO

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BY Chris Loomis

When it comes to digital marketing, you need to polish up your strategy and get your brand out there. This includes knowing the right SEO techniques and creating an SEO-friendly website. Are you using digital PR to strengthen your link-building strategy? If not, it’s time to use digital PR so you will have a competitive advantage.

Digital PR can help you gain relevant links, which are important if you want maximum reach to your website. This article will explain what digital PR is and how it can help in your website’s growth. 


What is Digital PR? 

For starters, Digital PR involves using PR tactics to gain backlinks and support your SEO tactics. In Digital PR, you will have to create link baits, which are linkable assets used to send to publications to write good things about your content and connect them to those said links. But more importantly, your content should be interesting and helpful enough for journalists to catch on to and decide to link your content to them. 

Digital PR is somehow similar to guest blogging or posting, yet they are two different things and purposes. In digital PR, the publication or a journalist is the one who decides to link to your content. Links are organic and not paid, and usually comes from high-authority websites and sources. 

On the other hand, guest blogging doesn’t involve any editorials and is mostly paid. Since these are not organically promoted by publications, the rel=”nofollow” and rel=” sponsored” attributes should be included. Guest posts are also easier to pirate, unlike Digital PR links. 


How digital PR helps in link building 

Here are ways digital PR will help in link-building strategy. 


You will have a competitive advantage that your competitors cannot easily have 

As mentioned, competitors can easily copy your guest posting content. This won’t happen if you use a Digital PR strategy to get your content out there. 


Gain quality links from trusted publications/websites 

You are sure to get high-quality links from authoritative websites and publication sites with digital PR. But remember, not all links are created equal. With digital PR, you can rank higher on search engine results through high-quality and authority links. 


Get links that don’t spam and can get you sales 

Unfortunately, a lot of link-building strategies end up with unclicked links. But there is also such a thing as referral traffic, which can also help in site traffic and sales. Nonetheless, digital PR puts your content to advantage and links yourself with authoritative publications. Hence, achieve your marketing goals in the long run. 


Build brand awareness and be able to reach your target audience 

Using digital PR to gain links from authoritative publications with whom you share a common target audience. This will pave the way for your business to be known and shared by more potential readers. It might not lead to conversions immediately, but at least building brand awareness through digital PR is a good start. 


These are some benefits your business can get through digital PR. Of course, having an SEO-friendly website and an effective SEO strategy also helps in boosting your brand and reach your target audience. For your digital marketing needs, contact an SEO expert in Franklin TN today. 

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