4 Reasons Why Domain Names Matter

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BY Chris Loomis

A website is not complete without a domain name. A domain name usually consists of a brand or business name. It enables the Internet to identify your website and lead the users to it. Without a domain name, your website will be identified as a series of numbers and periods unique to every website.

These numbers, also known as the Internet protocol or IP address, obviously are harder to memorize. This is why domain names exist. So if you are planning to create a website through a skilled website development expert, make sure to think of a perfect domain name that will speak a lot for your business. 


Why domain names matter 

There is more to domain names than a way to remember what that specific website is. You should also take into consideration thinking about the right domain name for your website. It should be memorable, short, and something that says it all about your business. More importantly, domain names can make a lot of difference in creating a strong online presence. Other reasons why domain names matter includes the following. 


It makes your business credible. 

A domain name makes your brand or company look respectable and professional. There are free Web hosting sites that enable you to create your website. However, a generic URL address may not seem to look and feel confident unlike when you have your domain name. If you want to put your business out there, you should also be willing to spend money to have a unique domain name. 


It attracts customers. 

Some business owners prefer registering their exact business name as a domain name. Others use a different domain name (not exactly the business name or brand) that speaks about their business. A domain name can also serve as a keyword that targets specific customers. 


It makes Web host transfers easier. 

Having your domain name makes Web host transfers easier or when switching into an in-house server. Otherwise, you would have to use a new URL address and potentially ruin the branding you have already built with your original URL address. 


It puts you ahead of your competitors. 

Having a domain name makes you part of the current digital trends and technologies. Which makes your business look more trustworthy and digitally-advanced. Not to mention may look better than your competitors. 


It establishes your brand. 

One of the most important benefits of having a domain name is increased brand awareness. Having your brand name as the official domain name makes your brand more established and easier to remember. As also mentioned, domain names can also serve as a keyword to those who are looking for that specific service or item. If you are selling, say, soy sauce, you can create a domain name that shares specific recipes using that food condiment. Which you can then connect to your soy sauce brand. 


A good website in Franklin TN starts with a memorable domain name. Once you use that domain name, it is for good. You can change it, but it can be challenging to rebuild that brand awareness you have already built with your original URL address. That is why you should think long and hard before coming up with the right domain name. 

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