4 Social Media Content Planning Mistakes You Should Never Commit

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BY Chris Loomis

By now, we already know how important having a social media calendar is for marketers and business owners. Most, if not all, businesses have their own social media pages aside from their official business website. It is important to make your brand presence know, that is why you should have your social media pages updated regularly and kept on track. 

A social media calendar helps you be consistent and organized. But at some point, social media calendar planning can be overwhelming. Especially if you also take care of your business operations. Nonetheless, you should not be doing these usual social media planning mistakes and how you can make the most out of it. 


Common social media planning mistakes 

It seems easy to plan your social media posts. But when you are doing it regularly, you could run out of ideas at some point. Which could also affect your marketing goals. Here are some of the most common social media planning mistakes you should avoid doing from now on. 


Sharing only your content 

It’s a good thing to post your content – everything about your brand. But social media experts suggest having a balance between your content and outside content. It depends on your target audience – if you have a diverse audience, you might have to post more external content. 


It helps to know your target audience to prepare your content. Check your competitors – it is most likely that you have the same audience. Determine what kind of content worked for them and use your learning to make your social media plan. 


Not working efficiently 

Business owners have so much on their plates. Even small and simple tasks can throw them off and end up with more work piled up for the next day. That is why there are tools that will help you schedule your content automatically. This will save you time and be able to focus on other things that will benefit your business. 


Forgetting holidays and special occasions 

Perhaps you have already planned out your quarterly marketing campaign. But have you also considered the holidays to your social media planning? Posting during special events or occasions is a great opportunity to promote your brand. 

Check for upcoming holidays (even if they are months away), draft related posts for them, and get back to it in time for the posting dates. Make sure that your brand content is also related to the specific holiday you are going to post. 


Not tracking your social media posting performance 

Posting content for the sake of posting is very wrong. Social media content should be able to help your business achieve its goals. You might also be posting on your page, but do you know which of those worked?


Social media tracking tools are available to check on your social media performance. Better if you keep track of your competitors’ social media performance as well. For more social media optimization and planning tips, contact a digital marketing expert in Franklin TN today!

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