4 Tips to Highlight Your Products Effectively

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BY Chris Loomis

When you buy something for personal use, say, running shoes, overall aesthetic matters. But more than the physical appearance, features should matter most than everything else. Also the price, of course. Before you buy something such as running shoes or anything else, you look for more information about it before spending on it, right? 

Unfortunately, a lot of brands fail to communicate what exactly their product or service is all about. This could greatly hurt your brand and your sales. That is why you, as a brand, should be clear when it comes to communicating your product’s features and make sure they stand out through proper marketing and promotion


What is a product feature? 

But first, we need to know what a product feature is. As the term suggests, it refers to the feature of the product that makes it different from other similar products in the market. It can be its physical attributes (a.k.a design), a functional or added-value feature. 

For example, shoes are all meant to be worn on your feet. But each shoe has its own features. They usually vary in design, color, and material. Same with software or apps, which vary depending on their functionality, integrations, and data security among a few. 

Different products or brands with the same features are not that uncommon anymore. Due to technological, manufacturing, and design advances, some product features have become more common and often seen in most products. Regardless, you need to highlight these features on your website or social media pages so that your customers know what’s in them. 


How to highlight product features effectively 

Before buying a product, customers often look for the features and decide from there. If you, as a brand, do not highlight and communicate your product’s best features, there is no way customers that your products even exist. Here are tips on how to highlight your product’s best features and ensure that people will actually buy from you. 


Understand who your target audience is. 

First of all, you should know who your target audience is to be able to communicate effectively. Check your competitors and see which features customers pay attention to the most, and make sure to highlight them. 


Show proof. 

Want other people to believe that your product or service is the best among the rest? Add testimonials from actual customers who will vouch for your product’s effectiveness and benefits. Much better if you have actual customers using your product. These tips will help show off your product and your brand more credible. 


Pay attention to the crucial details 

Make sure to break down each product feature and use an eye-catching heading to highlight it. This is mostly applicable on e-commerce sites and even on your own website. Better yet, add high-quality photos to come with the product copy.  


Make it simple but meaty. 

Unless you intend it to be a blog post, make sure to keep the product highlight copy in-depth but easy to grasp and well-notable. Use bullet points to highlight the most important features, or add videos or photos for more visual eye-candy. For more tips, you can consult a digital marketing expert in Franklin TN to help boost your brand. 

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