6 Best Traction Channels to Grow Your Business

BY Chris Loomis

Every business owner aims to earn profit and become successful and well-known in their industry. Unfortunately, many business ventures fail due to insufficient traction channels and poor marketing planning and execution.

Traction channels help to grow a business. These are important because they provide a way for startups to get their product in front of potential clients and customers. They also offer a way to get feedback from potential clients and customers, which can then be used to improve the product.

The importance of traction channels is that they help grow businesses by providing them with ways to get their products in front of potential clients and customers, as well as providing them with feedback about those products so that they can be improved.


Traction channels that will lead to exceptional growth 

If you want to build brand awareness, generate leads and sales, and increase brand loyalty, you need to use the following marketing channels to gain traction and lead to growth:


Public Relations 

Make sure you make it to the new. Public relations is one way to stay relevant and for customers not to forget you. Included in major publications is still “in” despite social media taking over the digital marketing landscape these several years.

Do stunts in a way that will spark interest, and attract customers, and they will spread the word. Some “stunts” (similar to viral marketing) may cause some controversies, but try to work on that to create buzz and slowly build your brand for the better.


Social media ads 

Social media runs the world nowadays. Billions of people use it, whether for personal or business purposes. It is a way to bring brands and their customers closer and lead to growth. The key is finding and choosing the right social media channel where most of your audience is.



Search Engine Optimization is the process of getting traffic through organic or natural search engine results. SEO tactics help you bring your website to the top of search results using keywords you want to rank. With millions of websites vying at the top of search engine results, you should act fast and be ahead of the competition.


Content marketing 

It is a marketing strategy focusing on creating and sharing helpful content to attract customers and lead to conversion and purchase. Some examples include articles, blogs, webinars, email marketing, infographics, and videos. 


Affiliate marketing 

Let others sell your products without being too pushy about it, and let them keep a percentage of earnings through affiliate marketing. It is similar to Business Development, but the partnership is between an individual and the company. It’s a win-win for both parties.


Community building 

This involves creating and nurturing connections among your customers. The ultimate goal is to make them your “evangelists” that will “preach” about your brand and why people should buy from you. 


These popular growth marketing channels will help you gain traction and achieve your business goals. Start building your brand and customer base, and contact the best digital marketing agency in Franklin, TN, today!

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