6 Questions to Ask When Finding Your Target Social Media Audience

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BY Chris Loomis

We all know how important content is in digital marketing. As they say, content is king. However, you should also determine how and whom you are going to promote your content. You can spend lots of money on advertising and promotion. You can even hire a digital marketing expert to do the digital marketing aspect of your business. 

But all of these distribution tactics will be useless if your content does not reach your intended audience. That is why you should know your target audience first before spending time and resources on marketing materials. Doing so not only will save you time and money but also utilize your content and achieve your marketing goals. 


What to consider in finding your target audience

Running a business is a huge responsibility. It doesn’t become successful overnight. Rather, it would take time and patience to get where you want your business to be. Also, knowing who your audience is very crucial to ensure your business’ success. That said, here are the following questions you should ask yourself in finding your target audience. 


Who are your target customers? 

This includes considering several factors such as age, gender, and marital status. You cannot promote your brand to kids and pre-teens if your products or services are meant for seniors. You get the idea, but you should determine your target demographic before creating and spending for marketing materials. 


What is their location? 

Knowing where your target audience lives will also help especially with local marketing strategies. Likewise, it can also work on traditional marketing tactics. 


What is the industry they are working in? 

Your marketing strategy will also depend on your target market’s income and the industry they work in. Does your target market belong to the health and fitness industry, or are they mostly corporate professionals? What is their salary range? The latter is important because it will help you set your price range and ensure that your product or service is affordable. 


Where do they access information? 

People do have different means to access the information they need. In general, people use the Internet to do work and to entertain themselves. Does your target market more on Facebook or Instagram? Would it also be a good idea to place ads on billboards or newspapers? As mentioned, it depends on who your target market is. 


Who is your target market close to? 

It is also important to know whom your target market is close to. This includes people who do referrals and offer support for their purchase choices, among a few. Knowing these people will also help businesses reach out to them as well. 


What pushes your target customers to avail something? 

You also need to know your customers’ common pain points and other challenges. What are the channels they use to communicate their concerns? What influences them to buy something? What are the things that turn them off when buying something? You need to know these as well. 


Once you have already determined your target audience based on these questions, you can now start creating your marketing campaign. For more marketing tips, you can also hire a digital marketing expert in Franklin TN. Contact one today!

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