6 Reasons Why You Should Use Videos on Your Next Marketing Campaign

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BY Chris Loomis

Most likely you have already have heard about video marketing. For one thing, taking videos is a normal part of our lives. It captures important events and milestones in our lives in full color and motion. But through the years, videos only not have been essential in our personal lives but also for business purposes. 

As a business owner, you should not only have a marketing plan but also a good website design. Digital marketing continues to evolve over the years, which is why you should always be in the know of the latest SEO trends. One of which the most popular types of digital marketing are video marketing. 

Then again, is it worth investing in video marketing? One might think it would take a lot of budgets to pull off a video marketing campaign. But the outcome will surely be worth it. Still not convinced? Here are reasons why you should utilize videos to promote your brand. 


Sharable through social media platforms 

Facebook has Facebook Live. Instagram has IG Live and IGTV. YouTube has become more than just posting random videos. These popular social media platforms have become effective channels for brands to promote their products or services. Not to mention it is easy to share videos across social media channels since we live and breathe social media nowadays. 

Then again, video marketers should take note that people often relate to videos that tug their heartstrings. Well, not really those that make them shed a tear or two, but can also make you laugh, or even provoke deep thoughts about life.

One study reveals that more than 75 percent of users would share an entertaining brand video. This proves that emotions do sell and, in this case, can increase website traffic and brand exposure. 


Easier to “digest”

Not everyone is keen on reading lengthy blogs, novels, and the like. If you want to educate your target readers in an entertaining way, video marketing is the way to go. Video marketing can engage even the laziest audiences as it can engage both their eyes and ears to learn more about your brand. 


Helps explain everything

Video marketing also makes everything easier to explain especially ones that are too technical to understand. No wonder you will often notice the presence of explainer videos on a lot of brands’ home page. Some also use animated videos to make it more entertaining and informative at the same time. 


More appealing to mobile users 

The majority of people nowadays use their phones to watch videos. YouTube reports an annual increase in mobile video use and is constantly on the rise. People cannot live without their phones as they use them both for work and personal purposes. 


Increase website traffic 

Videos can also increase site traffic, which Google loves. According to a Moovly report, your website is more than 50 percent times likely to appear on Google’s top search results pages if you have videos in it. 


Establishes trust and can convert into sales 

Creating videos is a great way to pull your target customers into your brand. If you want to establish your presence and build your following online, plan your video marketing seriously. Better yet, you should hire a professional digital marketer in Nashville TN to ensure your brand’s success. 

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