6 Worst Mistakes Marketers Make in Content and Web Design

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BY Chris Loomis

Nowadays, businesses need a website to boost and promote their brand and achieve their digital marketing objectives. A good website brings in traffic, gains quality leads, and establishes a brand's reputation. To have a good website, it is a good idea to work with a digital marketing agency that knows the latest digital marketing trends that will reach the brand's full potential. 

Aside from working with a professional marketer, creating unique content is another way to achieve your website objectives. Unfortunately, many companies underestimate the power of content and its potential to build brands. That is why brands should consider investing in quality content to boost their brand presence and ensure their business' success. 


Common content marketing mistakes 

Content is everything – text, videos, images, web pages, infographics, and so on. Creating content should be taken seriously as it involves a process to ensure you produce great output. However, make sure to avoid these common content marketing mistakes as well as designing web pages: 


Not designing the website with functionality in mind 

One of website owners' biggest mistakes is creating one without regard to functionality. Having an aesthetic website is not enough if it is not user-friendly. A good website should also rank well on search results and lead visitors towards your desired action (ex. Sign up to the newsletter, avail a subscription, buy a product from you, etc.) Website owners also forget to utilize their sites across all platforms – not only on desktop but also on mobile. 


Not getting rid of content that does not perform well

Considering a website redesigning is a must to review your site content and get rid of whatever needs to get rid of. These include letting go of underperforming content. Doing this will provide only the best content for your site visitors and an easier-to-manage content environment. 


Not optimizing metadata

To optimize your SEO strategy, every page should have a meta description, title, etc. These SEO elements will help you rank high on search results and for people to find you more easily. 


Not including photos in your content 

You need to include images to make your content more enticing. You can create your photos or hire someone to create attractive images for your content. Make sure to put relevant images that say a lot about your business from the homepage to your contact page. 


No content approval process 

Make sure there is an approval process before publishing your content. For example, there should be one assigned person to approve the content copy (for grammar and syntax), another for the overall visuals, another for fact-checking, and one for format-checking. 


No website objectives 

There should be a reason why you are building your website. Is it to attract leads? Get people to read your content? Encourage people to buy your products or subscribe to your service? Whatever your objective is, the most important thing is to think about your customers and ensure to meet their needs. Better if you can find a digital marketing service in Franklin, TN, to help you achieve your digital marketing goals. Contact one today!

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