An Essential Guide to Different Types of SEO Analyses

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BY Chris Loomis

SEO analysis is important for your website’s SEO strategy. For one, it helps provide essential insights into your website’s overall performance. At the same time, shows you the aspects of your SEO strategy that needs improvement. If you are a marketer, you should already know how SEO works for your website and your business

But do you know what exactly an SEO analysis is? Did you know that there are different types of SEO analysis? Can you conduct one without needing a huge budget for it? Here are some important things you have to know about SEO analysis and how to do it right. 


What is SEO analysis? 

First of all, SEO analysis is when you review your website’s organic search performance. The main purpose of SEO analysis is to determine your site’s overall optimization performance. At the same time, learn about any opportunities to further grow your website. 

An SEO analysis, when done right, will help set your SEO strategies on the right track. SEO analysis can also help you understand your competitors and think of ways to get ahead of them. However, SEO analysis is a broad term which is why marketers have to know the different types of SEO analysis and how to conduct each of them. 


SEO Content Analysis 

This type of SEO analysis reviews your web content’s organic search performance. Several concerns will be addressed, such as: 

  • Is it targeting the right keywords? 
  • Is it researched and written well? 
  • Is your content SEO-friendly? 
  • Can it convert readers into customers? 
  • Does the content satisfy the readers? 


Technical SEO analysis 

This type of SEO analysis ensures that your website complies with search engines’ technical requirements. This includes ensuring that their crawlers are free to index and crawl into your website. Without these, search engines will never find your website and no one will read your content. A good technical SEO analysis also considers your website’s user-friendliness and an overall positive page experience. 


Competitor SEO analysis 

This is when you review your main competitors, identify their strategies, and how they get organic traffic. Doing competitor SEO analysis will also serve as a goldmine for content strategy ideas. Through competitor SEO analysis, you will know: 

  • The type of content they publish 
  • Their link building strategies and how effective they are 
  • The keywords they use that encourage high website traffic 


Backlink Profile Analysis 

This one reviews the backlinks used that lead to your website. It helps determine any harmful links, determine why and when people link to your content, and find new link-building opportunities. You will need an analysis tool (just like for the other types of SEO analysis mentioned above). 


These are the four major types of SEO analysis you should know. Each of these serves a specific purpose depending on your SEO objectives. But much better if you do all of these in order to optimize your content and your website. These will surely help your website and your business reach their goals. A digital marketing expert in Franklin TN will also help you with your SEO and marketing needs and ensure its success.

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