Blogging is Not Only A Past Time. Your Business Needs It Too! Here Are 4 Reasons Why.

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BY Chris Loomis

Blogging has been around for some time. Back then, blogging is more of an online diary chronicling one’s life including travels and discovered food recipes. If you remember the early days of blogging, it usually contained fancy glittery texts and even embedded background music.

Fast forward to the present, blogging is still a thing. It has even evolved into what the younger adults call nowadays as “vlogging” – still blogging, but in video format. However, blogging (and its video counterpart) are already being used to promote a brand and its products and services. You can contact an SEO expert in Franklin TN to help boost your brand presence online.


Why you should have a business blog

We all know how important it is nowadays especially for brands, long-timers, and start-ups alike, to establish their digital presence. We are living in a world when browsing the Internet is as normal as brushing our teeth. So it only makes sense to build your brand where people are most of the time – online.

Among ways to create an effective online presence is creating a social media page and company website. However, having these may not be enough in terms of providing information that your target customers will be enticed with. This is where business blogs come into the picture.

A business blog should be well-curated to entice people to read it. It should be like someone giving advice to a dear friend, instead of being too formal and business-like. So if you don’t have a business blog site yet (or at least a blog section on your company website), you better have one now. Why? Here are reasons why you should create one in the first place.


It can increase website traffic.
Companies should have a business blog is to bring customers to their site. The more content on the blog page, the more the brand will be visible to its target customers. Not to mention an opportunity to rank higher in search engine results. More importantly, to encourage organic traffic to your site and generate leads.


It can keep your target market updated about your brand.
Creating a website helps in keeping your customers updated about your brand. You can even buy products straight from the website. However, having blog posts can showcase your brand’s personality and be relatable to your customers. As mentioned, blogs can be like someone giving valuable advice to a close friend.


It is a way to get feedback from customers.
Communication should be a two-way street, and blogs can do just that. You can encourage discussion and feedback from customers in the comment sections. Likewise, it is a great tool to get into your customers’ minds and how you can improve your brand.


It is a great tool for additional stock knowledge.
Not only people learn more about your products and services but also life in general. For example, a company selling carpets can write about how it can benefit target customers. Or if you are offering hairstyling services, you can create content about the latest trends of hair coloring or why hair extensions are a worthwhile personal investment.


Blogs are not a waste of space on your website. It can benefit a lot to your business, as enumerated above. However, you should carefully craft your blog content to achieve your brand objectives. For your online campaign needs, make sure to contact the best SEO experts in your area!

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