What is E-A-T in SEO? And How Can It Help Boost Your Content

BY Chris Loomis

Have you heard about E-A-T in SEO? No, it’s not what we do when we are hungry. Rather, it has something to do with the ranking factor… or not. Nonetheless, here’s what you need to know about E-A-T and how it can contribute to your digital marketing strategy


What is E-A-T? 

Short for Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness, E-A-T stems from Google’s Search Quality Rater Guidelines. Human quality raters use this document used to assess Google’s search results. The reason this document is published back in 2013 is to help webmasters understand what Google looks for in a web page. 

Is E-A-T important? Yes, especially if it involves life-or-death situations. On the one hand, E-A-T may not matter in search queries if the topic you are looking for is subjective, say when you are looking for cute dog photos or choosing the best hairstyle. 

However, if you are looking for topics that can change your life, say, whether to take aspirin or drink coffee during pregnancy, E-A-T is crucial in this case. You would not want to look for unreliable sources if you want to ensure a safe pregnancy, for example. 

Such topics are what we call “YMYL” or Your Money or Your Life. E-A-T is especially crucial for sites with YMYL topics In other words, E-A-T is important for queries that can impact a person’s health, safety, financial stability, and overall happiness. 


How to Know If Your Site Has E-A-T

A good website should look authoritative and trustworthy in its respective industry through quality content. Good content should be written by a subject matter expert and is crucial in industries such as financial, legal, and medical services. You cannot simply trust content about tax preparation or how to draft a last will written by a high school student.

Creating content using personal experience can also be a form of expertise in YMYL topics. Then again, such content should be written by someone who has a first-hand experience with that topic. A website has E-A-T if it is the go-to site for information about a certain topic, not just a simple blog site covering a jumble of topics from different industries. 


How to Improve Your Website’s E-A-T

If you want to establish your website as E-A-T, here are tips you can do so: 


Build more links.

Google prefers websites with high-quality links, so make sure to work on that to establish your place on site rankings. 


Keep your content updated. 

Medical, legal, or financial topics should come from reliable sources, written professionally, and regularly edited, reviewed, and updated to achieve high E-A-T. Every article and content should contain accurate and factual content coming from reliable sources. 


Hire professionals. 

If you want to create quality content that will make your site E-A-T rank better on search results, hire subject matter experts. For better reach and conversions, it is also better to hire a digital marketing expert in Franklin TN for your digital marketing needs. Contact one today!

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