Effective Website Design 101 for Business Owners in Franklin TN

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BY Chris Loomis

Establishing a strong online presence is a must for every brand and business owners. It doesn’t matter whether you mainly do business online or mostly operate in a physical store. We now live in a world where being online is a normal part of our daily routine. More so, if it is part of your job. 

A 2010 report revealed that almost 100 percent of consumers look for brands or companies on the Internet. Meanwhile, a separate 2014 study also revealed that 94 percent of B2B buyers look for prospective companies online to transact with. So if you are a business owner, make sure to have your website and put your brand out there online. 


Creating an effective business website

Building a website can be easier than before. Although, you can leave the technical stuff of website development to industry experts. Some of the most popular website creation software today include WordPress, Wix, and Dreamweaver. Regardless of the website software you use, how it is designed should matter, too. 

A website’s design can help a lot on a brand’s success. Not only the aesthetics are important but how easy or difficult it is to use, and even the loading time. Here are different factors you need to consider in creating an effective brand website. 


Make your website easily accessible across all devices. 

A recent report by Statista revealed that about half of users access the Internet from their mobile phones. That means you should make your website both desktop and mobile-friendly. 


Take note of load time. 

There is no such thing as dial-up Internet nowadays (thank goodness!). Imagine running an e-commerce or any online business using a slow dial-up connection. Ideally, your website should take no longer than three seconds to load. Otherwise, your customers would leave your website and look elsewhere. The loading speed also depends on your site’s image size. The larger the files, the longer it would take to load the page. Better yet, upgrade your internet connection to a speedier one. 


Aesthetic is still important. 

Making your website visually appealing is still vital if you want users to check out your site. For one, knowing the right color to use is important depending on the product or service you offer. Likewise, choose colors that will harmonize each other instead of a contrasting eyesore. 

Your text fonts can also affect a website’s overall aesthetic. Cursive fonts are associated with elegance and sophistication. Sans Serif fonts like Verdana or Arial offer a serious, modern look. Take note of the font size, usage, and short paragraphs as well. As for photos, it is better to apply the “rule of thirds” for more aesthetically-pleasing images. 


Avoid tons of stuff on your website. 

Less is more, as the saying goes. The simpler (and less complicated) your website, the more it can become more effective! More than having a visually-appealing website, user-friendliness and the overall experience should be as important, too. The abovementioned tips will also help achieve an effective business website. Want to spread the word about your business out there? Hire the best SEO agency in Franklin TN today!

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