4 Common Facebook Ad Mistakes You Should Stop Doing

BY Chris Loomis

We also know how big Facebook regards to reach and the number of users. No wonder companies and organizations take the opportunity to use the number one social media platform to promote their businesses. 

Digital marketing strategies such as Facebook ads are a great way to promote your business or product. But it can be easy to make mistakes when creating them.

Mistakes in Facebook ads can include:

  • Not targeting the right audience.
  • Not having an eye-catching design.
  • Not setting up the right budget.

These mistakes can lead to low engagement and low conversion rates.


Common Facebook Ads mistakes you should never do 

Using Facebook Ads may take some learning curve but will benefit your business once you get the hang of it. Still, mistakes happen but make sure it does not happen repeatedly. Here are common Facebook Ads mistakes you should stop doing and never do again: 


Using the wrong ad format 

Facebook has a lot of choices when it comes to advertising formats. You can experiment with those and see which format suits your advertising needs. 

Carousel ads let you showcase up to 10 images in a single ad. The Offers format informs your customers to shop from you. A lead generation campaign helps you collect vital information to improve your brand. 


No specific goals 

When setting up an ad campaign, you should first know your goal. Facebook ads help your brand from awareness to conversion. Make sure you identify your marketing objectives before anything else. 

Ask yourself what you want to achieve on your Facebook ad campaign. Do you want to maximize your customer’s reach? Get more Likes on your page? Generate sales from your page? Whatever your purpose is, you should specify your goals and be clear about them. 


Too little/too much ad frequency 

Ad frequency is the number of times your Facebook ad is shown to each customer and reaches them. Advertisements that appear too many times can lead to ad fatigue. 

So, how often should your ads appear and be seen by your audience? The answer is that there is no specific answer for it. However, Facebook ads experts suggest your frequency should not be beyond 10. 

You should also consider your budget when creating your Facebook ads campaign. Likewise, you should redesign your ads or try targeting a different market with a different ad every time the frequency goes 5 and above. 


Too narrow vs. too broad audience 

Try to hit the right spot so you won’t waste your budget and reach your intended audience. A target audience that is too broad may lead to unqualified prospects and wasting resources. Too narrow targeting won’t optimize your ad and not reach your target audience either. 

When creating Facebook Ads, pay attention to your copy and what you want to tell your audience. You should also make an eye-catching, high-quality visual to accompany your post. 


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