Here’s What You Need to Know About Cloud Server Hosting

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BY Chris Loomis

If you have read our previous article, you already know about web hosting services, how it works, and how to choose the best one for your website. Speaking of which, you should look for a trusted web hosting service provider in Franklin TN if you are planning to build your business website soon. 

Finding the right web hosting service provider can be challenging especially for first-timers. However, there are tips online to help you choose the right provider that suits your budget and website development needs. 

There are different types of web hosting, one of which is cloud server hosting. This article will explain what this type of web hosting is, how it works, its perks as well as its drawbacks if there are any. 


What is cloud hosting? 

Usually, websites are hosted using a single server. These servers may either be hosting other websites (shared hosting) or the website is being hosted exclusively by a single server (dedicated hosting). However, cloud hosting is slightly different from these two. 

In cloud hosting, the data is being spread across different machines and servers in different interconnected places. The server only exists virtually and is managed through a virtual machine that can access these servers across this virtual environment, or “cloud”. 

There are two types of cloud hosting: public and private. This has the same principle as shared (sharing different websites in one server) and dedicated (one website in one server) webserver hosting. The public cloud is similar to a shared server, while the private cloud works like a dedicated server. 

In the public cloud, you get to share hardware and the resource cost. On the contrary, you do not have to share disk space and other resources with other websites. Nonetheless, you gain the perks of shared hosting through a public cloud.

On the contrary, you do not share the server with other sites if you choose a private cloud. If security and privacy is your concern, running your website through a private cloud may be a good choice for you. The only downside is that a private cloud is more expensive than a public cloud. 


Benefits of using cloud hosting servers

Using cloud technology can be more complicated and expensive than traditional web hosting servers. But it is also not impossible that the former offers benefits to its users. Here are reasons why you should consider using a cloud hosting server. 


It is versatile. 

Like traditional web hosting servers, cloud hosting can also be customized according to your need. You can also choose the OS, processing power, and disk space you really need for your website. You can even manage your cloud server through any device such as your smartphone. 


It is reliable and safe. 

Your website might encounter issues if your web hosting server or one of the websites being hosted there as well goes offline. Imagine how it can impact your business in a negative way if that happens. On the contrary, that won’t happen when you use a cloud server. 


It is scalable to what you only use. 

Cloud hosting adjusts depending on your site’s demand. Your website won’t likely experience slowing down or even shutting down unlike if you use a dedicated server. You also get to pay what you only use. For your premium hosting needs, make sure to hire a reliable website development company in Franklin TN.

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