How Google Translate Can Help You Get Fresh Content Ideas

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BY Chris Loomis

Quality content is one of the most important elements of an optimized website. However, writing website content is not as simple as you think. First of all, you need to take time to do some research about a relevant topic to come up with good content. SEO techniques should also be applied to further boost your content and your website, and reach your target audience. 

Then again, creating content is not always easy. At some point, it could be challenging to come up with fresh content ideas. Google helps, but sometimes your searches can be limited as well. Creativity block also is a major challenge and a major source of frustration, especially among writers.  

But here’s something you might not have tried yet: using Google Translate. In this article, you will discover how Google Translate not only can help with translations but also get content ideas written in other languages. 


How Google Translate help you find content ideas 

Is this the first time you ever heard that you can use Google Translate to get content ideas? Well, a lot of people would say likewise. Google Translate can translate content and other documents into more than 100 languages. So, there is no wonder how Google Translate can be of huge help for content inspiration. 

Through Google Translate, you can: 

  • Check out international industry trends 
  • Find topics that are trending globally 
  • Explore international brands through social media
  • Find top blogs from different countries 


How to use Google Translate to get content ideas

Finding relevant content is a huge accomplishment, and Google Translate can help you with that. Also, here are useful tips that will help you get content ideas from international content using Google Translate. 


Be wary of nuances 

Understandably, cultures and languages vary from country to country. So, make sure to be aware of such cultural and linguistic differences because these factors can affect a content’s meaning and context. For example, there are local terms that people from other countries would not understand. So if you are using Google Translate, make sure to adjust the terminologies that your readers will easily understand. 

Having said that, you should have already educated and done enough research about these said nuances. At least when translated, you already know the context behind it and ensure well-researched content every time. 


Feel free to explore different global content 

With Google Translate, you can explore unlimited content around the world. The more you search, the more content ideas you can find in different parts of the world. At the same time, get involved and discover trends from around the globe that are causing a striking impact on your field or industry. 


Don’t forget your SEO. 

In the digital world, we are living in, we now focus on being adept at SEO techniques more than ever. In using Google Translate on creating your own content, make sure it’s SEO optimized so that you are still able to reach your market and achieve your marketing objectives. Use the right keywords and check the grammar. Better if you can hire an SEO expert in Nashville TN for your digital marketing needs.

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