How Important Readability Is For Your Website?

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BY Chris Loomis

Writing something may seem easy. You might think it would be a breeze to write a couple of sentences and then you can already call it content. The question is whether that content is reader-friendly and generally makes sense. Otherwise, readers will get turned off and ignore your content.

If you have a website, you will need to have a section of it dedicated to content. This includes articles/blog posts related to your business. For one thing, writing website content is crucial in generating leads and creating sales. But readability is key in every written content you create. Here’s what you need to know about content readability and how to improve your readability score. 


All about readability 

Google defines readability as written content being enjoyable and easy to read. Sometimes, it can be challenging to express what you want to say through writing. That is why you should understand how to make your written content more “readable”. Otherwise, it could be hard for your readers to understand what you are trying to say. 

How to make your written content readable depends on several elements, such as: 

  • Sentence composition and length 
  • Paragraphs
  • Use of headings 
  • Content familiarity 

All of these factors should work together so that your readers will better understand your written content. Shorter sentences, well-distributed paragraphs, the use of transition words, and proper headings will make your text more readable. 


Readability and SEO 

Good readability can also play a vital role in your search result rankings. Gone are the days where you can stuff your content with keywords and get higher rankings. Nowadays, Google is smarter and can recognize more quality content rather than focusing on keywords. 

Not to mention search engines also recognize what people look for in content. Having said that, using keywords is not only the key for SEO-optimized content. It also involves checking your grammar and yes, overall readability. Higher content readability also helps on increasing traffic, promoting more engagement, and generating sales on your website. 

People want everything instant nowadays, and that is the same online. That one important step is to make your content more reader-friendly. The first sentence should already have that oomph Otherwise, your audience will be turned off and move on to another site. 

Highly readable content also helps in building trust with your audience. They will view your website as an authoritative website with trusted and well-written content. Think of your website like a new book. Your goal is to get your readers hooked in the book from cover to cover – and avail new content from you afterward!


Tips on improving your text readability 

Here are ways to improve the readability of your written content. 


Use the Flesch Reading Ease tool. 

This writing tool determines how readable your text is, and is measured from 0 to 100. The higher the score, the more readable your written content is. Ideally, you should get a score of at least 60 and above. 


Structure your text. 

Make sure to divide your text into paragraphs. Ideally, your paragraph should contain 4 sentences at most. Adding headings will also help “breathe” and make your content easier to read. 


Use active voice. 

Sometimes, we can’t help but use (or unintentionally use) passive voice. Instead, you should use an active voice which makes your text more engaging and reader-friendly. Don’t forget to make your content search engine optimized. Contact an SEO expert in Franklin TN for your website today!

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