How to Create Successful Marketing Videos

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BY Chris Loomis

There are so many ways to market your products or your brand nowadays. We are not only limited to TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, and billboards to get your brand out there. Now, there’s Facebook and the rest of the Internet to promote your brand. Better if you hire a digital marketing expert to help maximize your website and boost your brand. 


Tips on creating marketing videos that work

You don’t need to hire professional videographers or download the best software out there to have a spectacular marketing video. Learn how to create successful marketing videos by following these steps. 


Create your script. 

Every amazing video starts with an amazing script. But how do you create a compelling script that will pull your audience towards your brand? It needs a compelling introduction and a convincing call to action. You should also convince people to get your product or service.  

Consider your target audience’s pain points when composing your introduction. Make them relate to your video and make sure they will watch until the end of it. The next step is what you call the “seed and lead”.

“Plant the seed” by telling your audience that you have something better to offer them beyond the video. Then, “lead” them to the next videos and establish yourself as a reliable source to address their pain points. 


Make easy-to-edit cuts. 

Editing your video can take some time. To make it easier, you can do the so-called “smile and hold” method. You smile, hold it and then say everything important that you have to say. Once done, you hold that smile for about 2 to 3 seconds, and then that’s it. This step will make editing a lot easier, and your editor will thank you for it. 


The editing process will be crucial. 

By now, you already have the content you will need for your marketing video. The next step is editing it. Do the “say-show-spell” method which will make people watch your video longer. It is when you say something and then the words pop out and are spelled out across the screen. This strategy helps on keeping your audience watching your video. 

Make sure to get straight to the point. Avoid the fluff and telling everyone your brand name and whether you have industry awards. Those are irrelevant to what your audience supposedly wants to see unless you are making a company video for investors and stockholders.

Focus on your audience’s pain points and make sure to address them and lead them towards your brand. Take note of the background music you are going to use as well. Choose one that suits a scene and make sure the one speaking on the video won’t be drowned by the loud background music. 


These tips should help you structure your marketing videos and ensure you achieve your business goals. You need to plan your content and not only engaging but also something that will benefit your audience. Choose the right platform depending on where your audience is. You can also put your videos on your business website. Contact a professional digital marketing expert in Franklin TN for your online marketing needs!

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