How to Get More YouTube Views With the Right Keywords

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BY Chris Loomis

It is a known fact that YouTube is one of the most popular social media platforms nowadays. But it is also said to be the second biggest search engine next to Google, of course. You can find any video on YouTube under the sun – from food recipes, music videos, documentaries, and so on.

Do you have your own YouTube channel aside from your business website? Surely you know that getting views can be a challenge, given that tons of videos are uploaded every day. It’s like your video is a single fish swimming with other sea creatures along the vast ocean.

Most marketers and content creators believe that the YouTube algorithm automatically searches for the most interesting content and is featured on its home page. However, being featured on the website’s front page is not always about how special your content is. Rather, it is also about making your content searchable for your target viewers. 


Factors affecting a YouTube video’s success 

YouTube uses different KPIs to measure a video content’s success. These include: 


Retention rate 

This refers to the percentage of viewers who actually finish the entire video as compared to those who stay only at the first half. YouTube prefers videos that have high retention rates. 


Watch time

It measures the total amount of viewing time. The longer a channel or content’s watch time, the more likely YouTube will put it on top of search results and also featured in the recommendations. To achieve that, you should get the right mix of video length and content quality. 



These refer to your viewers watching your videos according to their location, age, and gender among a few. 



It is important to put the essential keywords in your video title. It helps make your content easier to search, which means more traffic and viewership for your content. 



The thumbnail is the image that appears with the video title on the search results. Basically, it offers a sneak peek of your content and helps them decide whether to watch the video or move on to another. Most thumbnails back then are mostly screenshots taken from the video. Nowadays, thumbnails are given importance and strategically created to catch the viewers’ attention. 


How to use keywords to rank on YouTube 

For one thing, not all search results and views do not always come from viewers who are already on YouTube. Sometimes, users come from Google and then diverted to YouTube to watch the entire video. Google has its own KPI to determine what the video is all about and whether it is the right video users are looking for. 


Choose relevant keywords. 

When coming up with keywords, make sure to consider how relevant it is to your video content. After all, it is better to be found by a smaller group of people who are actually looking for your content rather than having passive and uninterested viewers. Focus on engagement, not how popular your keyword is. 


Know your audience. 

You also have to know who your target audience is. Identifying your target audience will help you create your SEO strategy easier. You need to know what they want to know, do, and buy. 


Check your competitors’ keywords 

The easiest way to search for your keywords is to use a keyword tool or type your preferred keyword on Google or YouTube. As you type your keyword, you will also see related popular searches. An SEO expert in Nashville TN will also help you with your digital marketing needs. Contact one today!

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