How to Set Your Marketing Objectives And Achieve It Successfully!

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BY Chris Loomis

No business would thrive without a good marketing strategy. You should first consider your marketing objectives to implement a good marketing strategy. Before hiring a digital marketing agency for your business, you have to draft your marketing objectives first. From there, your business will have a direction, and your goals will be easily achieved. 


How to create marketing objectives 

Let’s take these two sample objectives: 

Objective A: Increase sales by 20%

Objective B: Increase sales of Product X in *insert specific area* from $100,000 to $120,000 by the end of 2022. 

Which objective looks better and more specific? Objective B. When creating a marketing objective, remember the SMART criteria: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Timely. 

  • Specific: answers the “who, what, when, where, how much, why….” 
  • Measurable: using Key Performance Indicators (KPI) to track and measure progress
  • Achievable: create bold but realistic goals, use current data as your benchmark
  • Relevant: should be aligned with your business and marketing strategy
  • Timely: set a time frame you want to achieve your marketing goals

Many marketing objectives don’t always mean better. When creating a list of marketing objectives, aim for short and long-term KPIs. The objectives should directly lead to more profit and help with brand building.

Also, don’t create a lot of objectives. The fewer the marketing objectives, the more effective and faster to achieve. One or two objectives are enough to stay focused on your goal and grow your business. 


Common examples of marketing objectives

Some common examples of marketing objectives that you can use in your next marketing planning are: 


Increase brand awareness

What brand comes into mind when you think of electric cars? Pizza chain? Or running shoes? Do people even know your brand? You want your brand to be top of mind among your target customers. It should be one of the crucial objectives you must work on if you want your business to succeed. 


Boost sales 

When aiming to boost your sales, make sure you set the numbers. Specify which product or service you want to give a push and gain profit. Evaluate if the strategy worked, then decide whether to continue pushing the product or discontinue it in the worst cases. 


Get more customers 

To get new customers, you also have to work on gaining quality leads. Improve your communication strategy to attract new customers and retain old ones. 


Improve marketing funnel 

People often see brands through social media or random ads that appear when browsing a website. Once they click your ad, everything starts there. Either they avail of the product or service, subscribe to a newsletter, or leave the page and move on to their other tasks. Don’t let the last one happen; create strategies to keep your customers interested in your brand. 


Creating your marketing objectives is not a one-time, big-time deal. You must check your progress yearly to stay aligned with your objectives. It may take some time to create achievable marketing objectives. But if you need more help with it, you can always consult a digital marketing expert in Franklin, TN

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