How to Write Meta Descriptions That Rock

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BY Chris Loomis

Notice that when you visit an e-commerce website, every product being sold has a description. Usually, these product descriptions tell you everything you need to know about the said product such as the material, height, weight, price, and so on. Product descriptions are important so you will know the specifications of the item before you decide to buy it. 

But we are not going to talk about e-commerce and product descriptions here. Instead, we are going to discuss what you need to know about meta descriptions and how to write one that rocks! For one thing, meta descriptions describe what your content is all about before the user even clicks on the link. Aside from having good content and meta description, you will also need to have an effective website. 


All about meta description 

For starters, a meta description describes the page’s content. It is an HTML tag that you see below your content title and page URL when it appears on the search results. SEO experts suggest keeping the meta description short, between 140 to 160, for the best search engine results. 

That means meta descriptions can create a huge impact on your page’s site traffic and CTR. Better yet, you should have your keyword somewhere in the meta description body to improve your site ranking. Aside from meaningful content, you should also take note of how you write your meta descriptions. 

The search results serve like a usual newspaper or classified ads. There’s the headline (page title), tagline (meta description), and contact details (page URL). If you want your target users to click on your page, you need to make the meta description enticing enough. 


How to make an effective and concise meta description 

One way is to boast of your website’s unique selling proposition or USP. You can make it emotional, or funny and witty to get into your target readers’ feelings. As also mentioned above, keep your meta descriptions within 140 to 160 characters. Make sure to squeeze everything that will compel your target users to visit your website. 

If the meta description is too long, Google will cut some of it and your readers will be confused with your content. Worse, they will ignore your search results and move to another one. Make it vague, and the same results will be most likely. Also, it is better to have a unique meta description for every website page. 

In summary, you should make your meta description SEO-friendly and follow these steps: 


  • Keep your meta descriptions between 140 to 160 characters (about 1 to 2 sentences) 
  • Place your target keyword(s) somewhere in the description. 
  • Choose an emotion to get to your target readers’ feelings (sad, happy, surprised, afraid)
  • Also, place a CTA in the meta description. 
  • Make unique meta descriptions for every website page or content. 
  • Make your descriptions connected to the web page or content. 
  • Use online tools to check your descriptions (ex. whether you have missing or duplicate meta description)


Aside from a compelling meta description, you should have a compelling website as well. Contact a professional website builder in Franklin TN to help create a website that you will be proud of!

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