It’s Not a Joke: How You Can Use Memes in Digital Marketing

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BY Chris Loomis

Your social media experience won’t be complete without encountering these so-called “memes”. Most likely you have seen at least one of them every time you scroll on your feed. Not only memes can give you some laughs, but also a great marketing tool. A digital marketing expert can also help you with your social media marketing needs. 

Speaking of marketing tools, have you considered using memes to promote your brand online? Yes, they are not only for the laughs… memes can also boost your brand and increase engagement. Then again, it depends on your target market so you need to do your research before using memes as your marketing tool. 


Why you should consider using memes in digital marketing 

A lot of people tend to skip ads so as not to interfere with their viewing experience. With memes, marketers can engage with their target audience in a more visual and relatable way. Not to mention, memes are a cheap way to promote your brand and to reach your audience. 

For starters, a meme features a funny photo or video with a few texts that come along with it. Memes can be used over and over again, often changing the text or caption to make it relatable to the person who posted it. Memes are images or in a form of GIF referenced from pop culture (ex. TV shows, current events, etc.) mainly intended for humorous purposes. 

Due to the popularity of memes, more and more marketers use memes to reach their audience, increase engagement, and stick in people’s memories. Here are ways memes help in achieving your marketing goals. 


A low-cost way to reach your audience 

As mentioned, memes can be reused depending on the content you want to show. It helps marketers time from creating new content. You can simply add a new caption or tweak it a little to create content that suits your branding. 


Fosters community

Most likely a lot of people have seen the same meme, only with different caption and context. This means your audience can relate to that meme and create that sense of belonging because they can relate to it. Plus points if you can make your audience chuckle, which also helps in brand recall. 


Relatable and sharable 

Memes are meant to be shared, so make sure yours are worth sharing. Whether your meme content is thought-provoking or simply funny but relatable, it helps in widening your brand reach. Using memes as content also helps establish your brand in a positive and relatable way. 


How to use memes as a marketing tool 

Here are simple tips on using memes as part of your marketing strategy. 


Create your meme collection 

You can check out websites such as Giphy or imgflip for thousands of meme collections to use later on. Simply change the caption that will fit your brand and you are good to go!


Use memes that match who you are as a brand 

Not all memes can match your branding. Some memes might lean towards socio-political issues rather than pop culture references. The last thing you would want to happen is to share offensive and controversial content that can damage your brand reputation. 


Be on with the latest trends. 

Take advantage of the popular trends, special holidays, and even your competitors’ activities. You can even create your meme using your brand! Meme marketing is full of possibilities. Contact a digital marketing expert in Franklin TN for other marketing techniques that will help boost your brand online!

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