Looking for Other Social Media Platforms to Sign Up To? Here are 4 Alternatives to Choose From

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BY Chris Loomis

There is no doubt how important social media is in our lives, whether for personal and business purposes. Not only had it made us more connected to people and what’s happening across the world but also paved the way for aspiring entrepreneurs to start their business. No wonder a lot of big and small companies have their respective social media pages as a way to boost their online presence. 

Aside from social media pages, business owners will also benefit a lot from having their website. You can link your website to your social media accounts, too. You can make your website through popular website building sites. Better yet, hire a skilled website developer to help you create the business website you’ve always wanted. 


Social media for business 

The use of social media can be a blessing or curse, depending on how you use it. Sometimes, social media can be the source of fake news which can make your newsfeed full of stress and lies. Because of this, some people opted to deactivate or lie low from social media exposure. 

Then again, not everything in social media is bad. As mentioned, social media can also be a great avenue for business owners to promote their products and services. Sure, too much social media use can be too toxic. But when you use it right, it can establish connections that will help kickstart and sustain your business in the long run. 


Social media alternatives that you should check out

When you say social media, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are usually the top of mind. But did you know that there are other social media sites out there? Yes, you can also use these lesser-known social media platforms to promote your business. 



It resembles Facebook when it started, sans the “like” button and ads. Nowadays, Ello has a Pinterest-like feel and specifically caters to users who are interested in artsy stuff (fashion, art, photography, pop culture, etc.). Not to mention this platform is ad-free and cares for your privacy. 



Like Ello, MeWe also offers an ad-free browsing experience. It also has a texting feature similar to Messenger. Not to mention is also fun and enjoyable to use with more feeling of security every time you use this platform. 



Every time you post on Facebook, you do not earn anything. Just another additional content to your feed. But with Minds, you get a token whenever you post, comment to another post, or just hang out on this platform. You can use these tokens to expand your reach or level up your account. Or you can even convert these tokens into cryptocurrency or cash!



This one is a social media platform and a photography site in one. If you are an aspiring photographer who wants to put your works out there, you should consider creating an EyeEm account. Even non-photographers can also create their EyeEm accounts to increase exposure and connect with other content creators. 


If you are wondering if you can get more followers and gain brand exposure using these platforms, the short answer is yes. Miley Cyrus, among other popular celebrities, is on Ello. If you want to build your brand without annoying ads and security issues, you should check out these alternative social media platforms. For your other digital campaign needs, turn to the best SEO professionals in Franklin TN!

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