Make Your Sales Emails More Personal With These Tips!

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BY Chris Loomis

Technology has made a lot of difference to our daily lives, and how we do business. For one, we have the privilege of using email either for personal or business purposes. You can link your email address to your business website or social media accounts so customers can contact you for queries and concerns. Or use it for emailing potential clients. 


The challenge of email marketing

Unfortunately, a lot of people are not fond of receiving sales emails. More often than not, such emails end up unopened and moved into the trash bin. People do not like being forced to avail something they do not really want. As a business owner who wants to utilize email marketing, the biggest challenge is for the recipients to actually open the email and eventually create a sales transaction. 

Creating a good relationship with your customers is a sure-fire way to generate leads and sales. But how can you do this if you cannot even reach your target customers through email? One way is by adding a personal touch to your sales email. For one thing, this will help set you apart from the same old, same old.  


Benefits of personalized emails 

Have you received an email pertaining to you as “Dear customer” followed by what seemed like a scripted message? That’s one example of a boring, generic email that hundreds or even thousands of people have received as well. It simply feels cold and insincere. 

Meanwhile, personalized emails make you feel special and as if you are talking to a long-lost friend. It makes you and your brand seem approachable and someone trustworthy. Other ways that personalized emails can help your business include: 


Helping in building rapport 

Personalized emails enable businesses to connect with potential clients and treat them as real people. Doing so will make clients feel at ease and the more they will trust you to do business with you. 


Building trust 

Gone are the days where brands only focus on generating sales, regardless of how they get it. Now, business owners also have the challenge to connect with their customers and ensure a healthy long-term relationship. And a generic email won’t help with that. 

Instead, a personalized email should address people’s pain points and that you are the solution to their problems. More importantly, a personalized email will help build trust with your clients and think you care for their well-being. 


Better conversion rates and sales 

Once customers start to trust your brand, they won’t hesitate to open your sales emails every time. More trust means better engagement, conversion rates, and more sales!


How to create a personalized email 

Here are useful tips to create a personalized email. 

  • Send email to those who are really interested in your brand. 
  • Treat your customers/email recipients as friends. Send a welcome email when the customer joins aboard, or a birthday note for the celebrants. These thoughtful emails won’t definitely come across as annoying or invasive of your privacy. 
  • Every customer’s need is unique so make sure to create recommendations that are specific to their needs. 
  • Consult a digital marketing expert in Franklin TN for more useful email customization tips!
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