4 Reasons Why Customer Churn Happens and How to Address It

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BY Chris Loomis

Reducing customer churn is important because it can lead to more profits for the company. There are different reasons why customers churn; understanding this will help you identify what needs to be done to reduce customer churn. Effective digital marketing strategies can also help reduce customer churn and achieve your marketing goals. 

Retention is key to growing your business. However, customer churn happens even in established companies. It's a matter of constant product innovation and improvement to reduce customer churn. 


Reasons for customer churn 

Most customers do not simply cancel just because. They do for a reason. Some of these reasons may be uncontrollable, while some can be addressed and improved. 

Customer churn is a phenomenon in which customers stop buying from a company. 

The first step is understanding the causes of customer churn. There are many different causes for this, but if you want to reduce customer churn, you need to understand what drives your customers away from your company.

Nonetheless, here are common reasons for customer churn and how to deal with it: 


Poor engagement 

Low or no engagement at all can trigger a strong customer churn. To prevent customer churn, companies should try to solve the problem that causes it. For example, if a high price causes it, they should consider lowering the cost or offering discounts.

In this case, you might also have to track the engagement rate through analytics. A trained customer success team member should also reach out to an unengaging customer and determine the root cause of the disengagement. 


Selling products/services that don't match with your target market 

Many people experience being sold a product or service they don't need or want. That is why marketers must know who to target – the ones who will benefit from your product or service. Customers also hate pushy marketers that pressure them to avail a product or service and could damage your brand's reputation.


Bad user experience 

Brands work on a product or service's function and benefits to entice customers. The question: Is your product or service easy and pleasant to use? Aside from gifts, companies should also consider your product or service's overall enjoyable user experience.  


Lack of support 

Customer success is more than providing customer support. It also involves being proactive instead of offering help when there's already an issue at hand. Customers do not like companies that seem to ignore one's issues until a slew of complaints come down to them like an avalanche. Not only can it affect current clients, but it could also turn off future customers. 

In offering customer success, creating a customer success team is important to check in with your customers proactively. You will be surprised by various concerns your customers might have – some may not be as bad but could lead to churns later.


Customer acquisition and retention are important. However, it would be best if you also addressed customer churns and how to avoid them. To know more about the best digital marketing practices this 2022, contact a trusted digital marketing agency in Franklin, TN, today!

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