SERP’s Position Zero: The “Holy Grail” of Search Results

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BY Chris Loomis

Creating valuable content and polishing your SEO strategy is not just for fun. They have a specific purpose, which is usually to get leads and convert them into buyers. SEO tactics can also put your website on the top page of search engine results – or the so-called “position zero”. 

Aiming for position zero in search engine results is a must if you want to captivate your audience, increase website traffic, get leads, and convert them into loyal buying customers. But first, you need to know what position zero really is and how it can help boost your website and your business. 


What is position zero in SERPs? 

In case you do not know yet, there is position one and position zero on SERPs. However, marketers would aim to claim the latter spot – one that is displayed on top of the first search engine results. Position zero is also known as the “featured snippet” and is easily seen on the page. 

Position zero or the “featured snippet” can be in a form of a short paragraph, a list, or an image or video which is a quick answer to your search query. That also means you don’t have to click on the website to know the answer because the answer will appear immediately after you type your query and press the enter button. 

But to be on position zero, there will be several factors that will be considered. This includes the search intent, keywords used in the search query, and even search history. Position zero saves you time from scrolling through the results and clicking on websites, the answer will be right there in an instant – as long as you use the right keywords. 


How to be in position zero

Even if you do not appear as number one in the search results, landing on position zero can actually be better. Being a featured snippet means you have high-quality content which offers an easier, faster, and more relevant search experience for your users. However, landing on position zero may not be as easy-peasy, but you can get there eventually by following these tips. 


Know the right keywords to use. 

Ranking with help of keywords doesn’t happen overnight. So instead of using more commonly-used keywords, opt for high-competition, high-volume keywords. You can use those keywords to tailor-fit into your content and be in a featured snippet. Also, the keywords should be something that your target audience is most likely are searching for. 


Enrich your content with images or videos. 

People prefer visual than plain text content, so adding images or videos can also help boost you as a featured snippet. Make sure to create content that is easy on the eyes and digest. The richer and more visual your content, the more likely it will put you in position zero.


Consider your target audience’s search intent. 

Using keywords within your content can also be tricky. You should also think about the user intent with the keywords used. Are the users looking for the best products for their needs? Do they want a tutorial on how to do certain tasks or activities? Or simply looking for trustworthy information? By knowing what your users search for, you can start from there and optimize your content. 


If you think you can buy your spot for position zero, that doesn’t work that way. It is earned, so to say. Expanding your keyword research and optimizing your content are sure-fire ways to be in position zero. Hiring a digital marketing expert in Franklin TN will also help give that boost you need.

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