Should You Use Your Name as a Business Name?

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BY Chris Loomis

A business is not complete without a brand name. It could be a person’s name or some catchy name related to the business. No matter what your business name is, one thing is for sure: you need to think about it a hundred times over. Your brand name will represent your business and what you can offer to your target market. 

Aside from the business name, you also need to consider a lot of things. You need to create a marketing plan to boost your presence. Budget is also a major factor to sustain your business in the long run. Lastly, you need an official website to cater to your online users anytime and anywhere they are. 


Use your name or think outside the box? 

Coming up with a brand name requires careful consideration. You can brainstorm with colleagues or friends and come up with multiple options. On the one hand, using your name or someone’s name as a business name is the easier choice. Or force yourselves to be creative to come up with a catchy brand name (that is not a person’s name). 

Does this mean using someone’s name to name a business is already inferior to ones with witty brand names? Well, it all boils down to preference. The business owner may even have some sentimental reasons to name a business after someone. It could be the name of the owner’s child, a parent, or even the owner himself/herself. 

Then again, remember that a lot of global brands that we know of were named after its founder. Imagine having your name as your business brand name and grow into a global brand just like the ones mentioned. 


So, how should you name your brand? 

A catchy but meaningful brand name speaks volumes about who you are as a business. But as mentioned, naming your business depends on one’s preference. It could be for sentimental reasons. Or simply want to name your business after you because it’s your business after all. 

However, a creative brand name allows growth in case your company expands after a couple of years. It also sounds professional and shows that you are serious and committed to your business. 

You can also unleash your creativity when it comes to coming up with a unique brand name. Your chosen brand name will also be associated with different kinds of emotions and positive descriptions. Does your brand name sound strong? Positive? Girly? Hardworking and determined? 

A brand name can also be a straightforward thing. It speaks what you are as a business. If your brand name is “Dollar Store” then you can expect that most of the items there are sold a dollar each. 

Your chosen brand name should be also easy to remember and pronounce. Most brand names are in English because we all know that English is a universal language that a lot of people around the world understand.

On the other hand, using your name as a brand name may be unpronounceable or even offensive in some cultures. Not to mention there are a lot of John’s or Anne’s or James’ around the world, which can make your brand less outstanding. 



At the end of the day, the naming game decision lies on the founder. You also have to consider several factors such as pronunciation, uniqueness, and meaning. Of course, you need to have a game plan to make your brand succeed. You can start by hiring a website building expert in Franklin TN today!

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