Stop Doing These 4 Things On Your Next Email Newsletter!

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BY Chris Loomis

A lot of companies use email newsletters to keep their customers updated with the latest happenings on their brand. Unfortunately, not everyone is keen to open a newsletter when they do receive one in their email. You don’t want your newsletter to end up in the bin, right? 

As they say, the simpler the better. The same goes for email newsletters. Effective marketers know how important it is to make things simple not only for themselves but also for their target audience. Not to mention knowing the challenge of standing out in a sea of low-quality content and unnecessary online clutter. 


What to remove in email newsletters 

If you still include this annoying email newsletter stuff, it’s time to put an end to it! Trust us when we say these not only could put your newsletter to waste but also affect your brand as a whole. 


Boring subject lines 

“Newsletter of the month”. Really? Do you think you could encourage the email recipients to open this newsletter with a boring, generic subject line? You should not be surprised anymore if your newsletter ends up in the bin, never the one worth a second look. 

When creating an email newsletter, find ways to encourage the recipients to open the email. This starts with the subject line. No one knows what the “Newsletter of the month” email is all about, let alone give a care about it. Start with a subject line that punches you in the face. Consider what your newsletter is about, and draft the subject line from it so people will know what it is all about before clicking it. 


Lots of topics in one newsletter 

Newsletters are meant to include multiple call-to-actions and links. But it doesn’t mean it ends up being a hot mess of topics smashed into one newsletter. It will only confuse or even annoy your readers and eventually unsubscribe, unfortunately. 

If you have multiple topics to put on newsletters, you can create multiple newsletters featuring a specific theme or topic. This allows you to customize your newsletters according to your readers’ interests. This also means fewer unsubscribe rates – which is great!


Not knowing your objectives 

Before sending that newsletter, make sure to know why you created it in the first place. Do you want more website traffic? Do you want your recipients to book your event? People to donate for a cause? Or brand awareness in general? Pick one that suits your goal the most and focus on that. Instead of using “Book Now” or “Click Here”, try other call-to-action words such as “Learn More”, “I Want That!”, or something to that effect. 


Talks only about You

Remember, when sending a newsletter, it should be for your audience. Focus on 90 percent educational or informational content and only 10 percent of it is to promote your brand. Don’t let your newsletter scream “Me and only Me!” – let it be more all about your audience and how they will benefit from your brand through quality newsletter content!

Other tips to optimize your newsletter include: 

  • Not making it too serious all the time
  • Too wordy… simple is better!
  • Use quality images (no blurry or distorted stock images!)
  • Consulting digital marketing in Franklin TN for more useful tips about the newsletter and email marketing
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