Stuck Thinking What to Write? No Need to Wait for Inspiration with These Tips

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BY Chris Loomis

 So you have already outlined your content marketing strategy for the next few days or months. You have aligned your intended content message with your business goals. Hiring a digital marketing expert is also a good idea to utilize your website and help achieve your marketing goals. 

And then you also need to come up with the actual content for your site. This is a common issue among marketers and business owners. At least you already have a general topic in mind. But how to write it and a specific story to write about… that’s a challenge. 

In this case, you could have two options: wait for something to inspire you, or create a strategy to avoid getting stuck with what to write about next. Although understandably, we do get to a point where we seem to lack the drive and inspiration to create content. 


How to write site content without the need to wait for inspiration 

On the one hand, it’s not a bad thing to have some inspiration when writing about something. It motivates you to create exceptional content that your audience will love. But as mentioned, we do get to a point where we get stuck on what to write for your website. 

This article will help you come up with amazing content without wasting time waiting for that lightbulb moment. It’s all about finding hidden gems and making them look new again. 


Repurpose content. 

Look for old content from a year ago or two, and rehash it into new content. Have you published research reports, e-books, or other long-form content before? You can break those out and focus on a specific part of it to be made into new content. The possibilities are endless!


Write something from an opposite perspective. 

We already know the usual “how-to”, “best” this and that, and the “10 reasons why…” kinds of topics. But why not turn them upside down? Write something related to the topic you are thinking of – but from an opposite angle. Instead of the usual “How to…” article, turn it into “How NOT to…”. Or try “5 Ways Your Marketing Strategy Would FAIL” – and then come up with tips so it won’t fail as you mentioned in the title. 


Find other sources elsewhere. 

There are a lot of topics you can write about online. There’s no need to be ashamed to come up with content with various sources. You can also benchmark your competitors for possible content ideas. Just make sure to make it your own – and your business, too. The last thing you want to happen is getting sued for copyright issues and plagiarism. 


These tips should help you come up with great content every time. Always remember that you don’t have to wait for inspiration to fall from above. Get your hands digging and find hidden gems and turn them into spectacular content in the next coming days or months. The Internet is also a friend and a great source of ideas, so make use of it as well for content curation. For other content marketing tips, contact a professional digital marketer in Franklin TN today!

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