Surprising Ways to Boost Your SEO Without Link Building

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BY Chris Loomis

A lot of SEO-related articles always suggest building links to boost your website’s search engine ranking. Aside from having an SEO-friendly website, you need links to connect to your target audience, increase website traffic, and achieve your digital marketing goals. 

But did you know that there are also other ways to improve your search engine ranking aside from link building? This article will be your guide to boost your SEO without using link building. But first, we need to understand how link building works and how it helps boost your website’s SEO. 


What is link building? 

This mostly pertains to inbound links wherein you get other websites to link to your content. Different ways to build links include: 

  • Use tools to look for websites that mention your brand and pitch your content to those sites 
  • Collaborating with an influencer to boost your marketing strategy 
  • Finding sites that connect to your content and pitch your content to their site


Link building still matters especially for SEO, but make sure to aim for quality links than the number of links you have. Link building also has its pros and cons. It has been proven effective in reaching your target audience and an effective SEO strategy. On the downside, every site owner does this, so expect to have a lot of competition. 


Link building alternatives in SEO

These tactics will help with your SEO strategy without relying on link building and spending a lot of time on content creation and promotion.


Create a unique product. 

You don’t have to spend hours promoting your products and building links for them. Simply create a product that will stand out, and websites will link it without you begging for it. Some websites created tools that are useful and something people are already searching for ever since.

This is how “product-led growth” works – you create a marketing channel usually in a form of a tool (ex. grammar, keywords, SEO tools, or any digital marketing-related apps or tools) related to the products or services that you are currently offering. 


Create a free trial that can be upgraded later on…

Some marketers and website owners are offering free trials for their products or services. Usually, they offer this for 7 days or one month, and then beyond the trial period, users can decide whether to pay to avail of the premium version.

Another option is having a free version (contains only the basic features) and the premium paid version (with more features). These two are useful in their ways, but you have the option to pay for a premium if you want to avail more product or service features. 


…Or you can give it for free. 

Some tools are available for free use, forever. Who doesn’t want freebies, right? Some websites that offer free products and services may not earn money from it. But the potential outreach can be worth it, and people will simply look for you and not the other way around. 


These are some of the best tried-and-tested ways to effective SEO without the time-consuming link building. A digital marketing expert in Franklin TN will help you find ways to boost your SEO strategy and get your website out there!

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