Voice Search and How it Can Help Your Business

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BY Chris Loomis

There is no doubt that we live in a world where we want to get everything in an instant. For example, you can just order food or anything you like online using your computer or mobile phone. Kids nowadays do not know what “snail mail” is because they grew up with Facebook Messenger and text messaging. And then there is also Google. 

Imagine life without Google, we would still be searching tons of encyclopedias or heading to the nearest library for answers. Imagine there is no Internet, no social media, no digital marketing. Thankfully, we all have these conveniences we haven’t had before and are continuing to evolve.


An important digital marketing trend 

When we search for something, we often turn to Google. But nowadays, we not only get to type the keywords anymore. We can now use our voices to search for things we need. Voice search has become an essential marketing trend as it has made online search a lot more convenient. 

As the term suggests, voice search allows users to perform online searches by speaking into a smartphone, a computer, or a “smart home” assistant. Even home appliances and cars also use voice search technology to replace manual functions (such as turning on the radio, using Bluetooth, etc.) 

That is why businesses should be optimizing the power of voice search to achieve their targets and marketing goals. The more a business is quick to adapt to change, the more consumers will trust and patronize them – hence putting the brand ahead of the competition. 

With voice search seen to grow over the years to come, no wonder a lot of businesses have started to adopt this technology as part of their marketing strategy. However, one should also include SEO strategies to maximize its benefits and purpose for businesses. 


Why businesses should use voice search 

Voice search not only makes users’ lives simpler and more convenient. Businesses can also benefit from it, too. For one, voice search is a lot faster than typing something on the search bar. It is also safer because it’s hands-free and more convenient when you’re doing something else like driving. 

Other reasons why businesses should optimize voice search include the following: 

  • Users can easily find answers through voice search instead of visiting a website which could take more time. 
  • Voice search is best optimized in Local SEO. 
  • Voice search is more conversational in nature than text queries, which may sound robotic most of the time. 


How to maximize voice search for your business 

Here are tips businesses can maximize the use of voice search. 


  • When using voice search as part of your digital marketing strategy, make sure to use long-tailed keywords. Better if you use question keywords such as who, what, where, when, why, and how when coming up with focus keywords. 
  • Your content should provide answers to your users as accurately as possible. Hence, the long-tailed keywords and using question words. 
  • Use natural language in the content to make your digital presence voice-friendly. 
  • Include an FAQ page on your business website as a valuable tactic for your voice search strategy. 
  • Hire a professional digital marketing expert in Franklin TN to help you come up with the most effective strategies for your business.
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