What is a Digital Marketing Funnel, and How It Affects Consumer Behavior

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BY Chris Loomis

Business owners need to have a good marketing strategy to ensure the business’ success and profitability. For one, you need to have a good website that is both aesthetic and functional. You also need to understand how the digital marketing funnel works and how it will boost your website and your business. It is also better to hire an SEO agency in Nashville TN for your digital marketing needs. 

For starters, a digital marketing funnel involves a step-by-step process that a consumer goes through. This process happens the moment the customer spots the brand, pays attention to it until he or she decides to try it out (through a free trial or purchase). Usually, a marketing funnel consists of various stages such as awareness, decision point or consideration, availment or purchase, and retention. 


The new vs. the old 

Turns out, the abovementioned digital marketing funnel, also known as the AIDA model, is the traditional one. Or old, you can dare say. However, it is still being used because of its straightforward process. The AIDA model is short for: 


  • Awareness
  • Interest 
  • Desire
  • Action


The person first encounters the product or service somewhere (ex. TV, radio, word of mouth, a print ad, etc.). It is also when the consumer shows interest in a brand and decides whether to avail of the product/service or not. After purchase, there should be some kind of strategy to retain those consumers and turn them into loyal customers. 

Nowadays, the digital marketing funnel involves the use of technology. For one, billions of people around the world use the Internet. More than 2 billion people use their smartphones to access the Internet, check emails, post statuses on social media, and so on. So it is not possible to find a product or service with a few touches of a button on the palm of your hand. 


Different types of the digital marketing funnel

Although the AIDA model is still being used by some businesses, other versions of the marketing funnel incorporated with the use of technology. These include: 



This digital marketing funnel focuses on the consumer’s “moments”. That is, what the customer wants to know, what to do, where to go, and what to buy. It answers these questions that motivate customers to experience the marketing funnel. 


Looping funnel 

It involves six stages: awareness, consideration, research, purchase, post-purchase, and loyalty. The customer becomes aware of his or her need and then finding a solution to that need through the product/service. 



This involves two major stages: pre-and post-purchase. Pre-purchase includes brand awareness and identifying a problem that leads to the product/service availment. The latter, on the other hand, involves the actual usage of the product/service and becoming the brand’s ambassador. 


Benefits of the digital marketing funnel 

Learning the new digital marketing funnel can benefit your business through the following. 

  • Discover marketing strategies that will be most effective for your target audience. 
  • Also helps understanding customer behavior (which influences them to purchase or avail themselves a brand) 
  • Discover how to maintain and nurture old and new customers 
  • Learn how to create an effective marketing plan for consumers at every marketing funnel level 

This should give you a better understanding of how the digital marketing funnel works and how it can help your business. Don’t forget to have a good business website as well. Contact the best SEO agency in Franklin TN for your website development and digital marketing needs!

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