What is Blogger Outreach and How it Can Increase Site Traffic

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BY Chris Loomis

Building backlinks is one of the most important parts of your SEO strategy. You also need to have a good business website and consistent social media marketing strategies to reach your target audience. Another way to build an effective backlink strategy is by doing blogger outreach. But how can you do that? 

This article will explain how to build a backlink SEO campaign through blogger outreach, as well as how to find the right bloggers and build a good relationship with them. You also have to know different tactics to have effective and high-quality backlinks to ensure your SEO campaign’s success. 


How backlinks help with website traffic 

Backlink building is getting links from other websites and leads back to your own site. It may take some patience and time to build. The more authoritative the websites link back to you, the higher the chance your site will enjoy high rankings on search engine results. 

The same goes with blogger outreach. Aside from creating a quality backlink strategy, you should also be able to create good relationships with other bloggers. And like backlink building, building relationships with bloggers through blogger outreach doesn’t happen in an instant. 


What is blogger outreach? 

It is a type of influencer marketing that leverages influencers’ popularity and benefit from it. For example, you find an influencer with thousands of followers and is also relatable to your niche. You can ask the influencer to create a blog post on their social media page or website and link their content back to you. 

Of course, you need to find the right influencer to collaborate with to get the SEO strategy results you want. Blogger outreach can do wonders to your SEO strategy, increase website traffic, and more the chances that others will link back to you. 


How to do blogger outreach 

Here are ways to do blogger outreach so you can start building backlinks and ensure your SEO strategy’s success. 


Find the right bloggers. 

You need to find relevant bloggers who are active on social media and/or regularly post on their website and have thousands of followers. Seems easy but this could take time. One tip is to use a spreadsheet to list down potential bloggers from across all platforms (social media, blog directories, etc.) who could work with your brand. Other ways include: 

  • Commenting on blog posts 
  • Use SEO “spy” tools to check on your competitors’ SEO strategies 
  • Find them on Google (using keywords such as “guest post <insert niche>” or “write for us <insert niche>”) 


Build a good relationship with bloggers. 

Deeper relationships with bloggers will reap more benefits in the long run. This includes getting to know more about the blogger(s) you are working with. Know how they write and communicate with their audience, for example. 


Use effective strategies for backlink building. 

Some effective tactics to gain quality backlinks include writing high-quality guest posts/blogs and creating a piece of content and adding contributors who are knowledgeable on the topics. Use Google Analytics to check whether your backlinking strategy is successful or needs more improvement. 


Blogger outreach is more than simply posting high-quality content on their website. It is also about establishing a good relationship with other bloggers and your audience will trust you more. Contact a digital marketing expert in Franklin TN to help you with your SEO campaign strategies. 

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