What is Buyer’s Remorse and How to Avoid It?

BY Chris Loomis

As a business owner, nothing beats the feeling of closing a deal and being able to sell your products to your target customers. For one thing, it’s not easy to sell a product or service, especially if it’s expensive. It is also a proud moment to sell something to your target customers and achieve your business goals

However, it is not always an assurance that your customers like your items and realize they should not have bought them in the first place. This is what we call buyer’s remorse. This post will explain buyer’s remorse and how to prevent it. 


What is buyer’s remorse?

Buyer’s remorse refers to the feeling of regret after an expensive purchase. It could be coupled with stress or fear, which causes buyers to return the unwanted purchase. Buyer’s remorse is also every business owner’s worst nightmare. 

The buyer might feel remorse because they think there’s a better option than what they bought. In some cases, the buyer was regretful of the purchase because it was too expensive for them and up losing their hard-earned money.

It’s not only about the monetary value of the product but also the opportunity to provide valuable customer service and brand experience. As a brand owner, you believe in your products and service and want your customers to believe in them, too. 


How to avoid buyer’s remorse 

Make sure not to let buyer’s remorse creep into your business and focus on providing the best for your customers. Here are tips to prevent buyer’s remorse: 


Offer the best value in advance. 

Customers want to feel they are taken care of, not only someone who will buy their products. Ensure to build a solid foundation with your customers beyond their purchase. More than your customers buying from you is assuring them that you are there for them to provide for their needs and whom they can trust. 


Set your expectations. 

After the purchase:

  1. Explain verbally and verbally what they can expect from your product.
  2. Don’t give your customers false hopes.
  3. Instead of telling them that your product or service will solve all of their problems, tell them how it can improve their lives.


That way, they will know the product or service’s benefits and prevent over-expectations. 


Thank them for the purchase. 

You have already thanked your customers in person or by phone. Make it more special by handing a personalized thank-you letter to each customer. Tell them you appreciate their decision to purchase from your store and trust your brand. A written thank you note feels up close and personal and makes them feel you value them.


Buyer’s remorse is related to customer attrition, one of the business owner’s worst nightmares. Keep these tips in mind to prevent buyer’s remorse and ensure they are satisfied and loyal to your brand. Contact a professional digital marketing agency in Franklin, TN, for the best brand marketing strategies for 2022. 

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