What is a Featured Snippet, and How to Do It Right

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BY Chris Loomis

Brands have to work hard to make their presence especially online and be constantly updated with the latest digital marketing trends. You need to constantly be on the lookout for your competitors and think of ways to outrank them. Not to mention that Google also constantly evolves its features which are crucial to the success of your digital campaigns. 

Being updated with the latest digital trends means you should also plan for an effective digital marketing campaign. More so, you should also have a good website design. Speaking of which, you need to hire a professional web designer and SEO expert to help achieve your digital campaign objectives. 


Learning about Google featured snippets

When you search for a keyword and see a short response to your query on the search results, it is called a featured snippet. The use of featured snippets became more frequent from 2016 onwards. It’s no wonder featured snippets have become more and more prominent as it provides a quick response without clicking on the link. 

Featured snippets also put you to an advantage versus your competitors, optimizes conversion rates, and encourages site traffic. But how exactly Google featured snippet works? And how can it benefit your website and your brand? 

The ones you see on top of the search results after typing a query are referred to as “position zero”. When you, for example, type in “how to bake a cake”, there will be that one response that will take up a chunk of space on the results page usually in bullet form or a short paragraph. 

Imagine how this can boost your online presence and establish yourself as a reputable brand within your industry. You might think you need a lot of budgets to acquire the much-coveted “position zero”. However, there is no exact way to earn that post, nor you can expect to be in that position forever. Google has the last say when it comes to that. 

Pages featuring recipes, “how-to’s”, comparison (ex. which mobile phone is more expensive), and product reviews are some contents that are more likely to be featured as a snippet. 


How to make your page appear as a featured snippet 

To rank in Google’s featured snippet, you need to do the following to optimize your content. 


Be in your audience’s shoes. 

Think about what your target audience would usually search for that is related to your brand. If you are not sure, you can check out the “People also ask” section as you scroll down the results page. 


Check out Answer the Public. 

Type in your keyword and it will give you tons of questions and phrases related to the topic. Then, you can choose a question from the options and start from there. 


Take time to create quality content. 

Add quality images and videos, ensure that your content has the right formatting, and produce quality content. 

Keeping up with the latest digital trends can be exhausting. But one thing is for sure: featured snippets will be on the rise and be here to stay. That is why you should choose the right SEO strategy that fits your brand and your digital marketing goals. Better yet, you can work with an SEO expert in Franklin TN to help you with that!

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