What Is NAP and Why Is It Important on SEO

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BY Chris Loomis

Oftentimes, we are asked to fill up our contact details for raffle entries or when getting important documents. You will most likely have to give your name, address, and contact number for easier communication purposes. Without these crucial details, the sender will have a hard time locating and contacting the person, especially during dire emergencies. 

The same applies to local SEO. Speaking of SEO, hiring a digital marketing expert is a good investment for your business. These details are called NAP, short for Name, Address, and Phone Number. This article will explain why NAP can be beneficial for local SEO and to your business. 


How NAP can help with search result rankings 

A 2018 Moz research revealed that NAP can contribute a lot in search engine ranking in local SEO as far as on-page signals and citations are concerned. A consistent NAP can ensure a positive impact on your website’s overall performance and ranking.

Such details should always be consistent across different sites and platforms. Otherwise, an outdated NAP can affect your rankings and make your business less trustworthy. Not to mention, can confuse your target market in case they need to contact your business for any concerns. 

A lot of internet users also experience getting scammed due to misinformation. Making sure that you are contactable in real-time can establish trust and a good relationship with customers. This is why a valid and updated business NAP is important. 


Ways to improve your business NAP 

First of all, you need to start in your backyard – your website. Check if your business name and address, email address, and contact number are updated and working. If you have multiple email addresses or contact numbers, make sure to include those, too. 

Aside from your business website, you should also have to take a look at your social media channels. If your site appears on Bing Places or Google My Business, take a look at those as well. 

As if those are not enough, you can also find any other mention of your business NAP on various platforms and websites. Check whether these sites have posted the right NAP and other contact details. If you find any discrepancies from some of these sites, identify ways to fix them. Perhaps directly contacting the site or social media page or shooting them an email. 



Owning a business is a huge responsibility. One of which is to ensure that your business can be well-trusted by your target customers. That is why you should ensure NAP consistency. It will do wonders for your business and search engine rankings. 

Google loves websites that have constantly-updated content and contact details. Do not be one of many businesses that take NAP SEO for granted. Remember that as simple as being easily contacted for any feedback and concerns can affect your business’ reputation. 


It will also help you keep you on top of search engine results, makes your business legitimate, and even increase profit. If you want to have a trustworthy business, you should start with your business website. Contact an SEO expert in Franklin TN today!

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