What is Reddit Ads and How It Can Help Generate Sales

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BY Chris Loomis

If you are looking for a fresh opportunity to promote your brand online, reach a new audience and expand your market reach, why not try Reddit ads? Wait, have you ever heard Reddit? For one thing, Reddit has a specific culture and user base. That is why you should completely understand how this social media platform works before you place ads on it. 


Types of Reddit Ads 

Reddit may not be as super mainstream as Facebook, but it is a popular niche site for specific markets. By advertising on Reddit, you can target so-called “subreddits” where your target audience is. Targeting subreddits help in matching your brand with the right audience and enables you to offer your brand to them directly and more effectively. 

The good news is that Reddit is open for those who want to promote their brand on the said platform. There are two different ways you can advertise through Reddit, such: 


Display posts 

This is similar to banner or traditional display ads and is ideal for those who have large advertising budgets. Display posts can cost around $30,000. 


Promoted posts 

These types of ads can either be text ads or link ads and looks the same as the other contents on Reddit. You will only know if it’s a paid content if it has a “Sponsored” tag. Text ads usually link to another Reddit page that contains more information about your brand. The link can also lead to another internal Reddit page that you are planning to create. 


How to use Reddit ads to promote to increase sales 

Reddit is readily available for advertisers, but the main challenge is how to ensure a successful advertising campaign using Reddit ads. Here are tips for effective advertising using Reddit ads. 


Use the platform to know more about your target audience. 

If you go to Reddit, you will find lots of communities there. The question is which of these communities you should promote your product to. There are ways to find the right subreddits that cater to your target market, such as: 

  • Using tools like Redditlist which lets you search important keywords within the communities 
  • Checking out the subreddit, r/findareddit


Look for topics that are relevant to your brand 

Reddit has tons of niche topics that can be relevant to your brand. Identifying these subreddits will help you connect to the right audience and more chances of achieving your marketing and advertising goals. 


Connect with your target audience. 

Redditors are mainly there to engage in conversation within their community. So make sure to be one of them, too – and eventually get sales through interaction and engagement. Join the conversation and interact with your target community before you give it a go on promoting your brand. 


Apply the best practices to a successful Reddit ad. 

Make sure to target your ad campaign through various channels (location, device, interest, etc.) This will help you find and reach your specific audience. To create a successful ad, you should highlight how your brand can help your target audience. Use a profile photo that easily identifies your brand. Create copy and headlines that will surely catch your audience’s interest. Contact a professional digital marketing expert in Franklin TN to help your brand reach its full potential online.

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