What You Need to Know About Blockchain Technology

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BY Chris Loomis

Running a business is a huge responsibility. It needs brains to ensure its success through a well-thought brand strategy, and of course, you need some budget to make it work. You also have to invest in a digital marketing expert to help you with your business strategy. 

To create an effective business strategy, you need all the essential information to back up your marketing plan. Better if you receive accurate information at the time you need it most. This is where blockchain comes in, and can help you with getting the essential data that will be critical to your business’ success. 


What is blockchain? 

For starters, blockchain is an unchangeable shared ledger that ensures an easier and smoother tracking and recording of business transactions. Any asset, tangible or intangible, anything of value can be traded and track through blockchains. A blockchain network can also track various data such as accounts, payments, production, and orders among a few.

At the same time, cut costs and reduce any risks for all parties. Blockchains are ideal and very useful when sharing and delivering information and accessed only by selected network members. Blockchain members can view the available data simultaneously. Hence, providing you opportunities and better confidence with whatever plans you have in the future. 


Blockchains are often used in healthcare, logistics, and cryptocurrency. These require updates to determine where the assets are in real-time. Time is more utilized and transactions are more efficient. 


What’s in a blockchain? 

Here are several key elements that comprise a blockchain. 


Unchangeable records/ledger 

Any participant or member of a blockchain network cannot tamper or edit a transaction once recorded to the common ledger. In case an error occurs in a transaction record, it should be reversed by adding a new transaction and then made visible. 


Shared ledger 

All members of the blockchain gain access to the shared and uneditable ledger/transaction record. You can record only once on this shared ledger, which should be helpful against duplication that is usual with traditional business networks. 


So, how does blockchain work? First, a transaction is recorded as a data block. Each transaction shows every asset movement (both tangible and intangible). The data block includes all the essential data about the said asset(s) – basically everything answerable by who, what, where, when, and how much. 

These data blocks are then formed into a chain of information as the assets move and progress. The blocks also provide updates with the transport of the said assets such as the time and the next steps of the transaction. As mentioned, the blocks are also secure to prevent being tampered with or unnecessarily edited. 

The more blocks are included in the chain, the stronger and well-protected the entire transaction is. This is the reason why blockchains are immutable, ensuring trust in the company or organization and its members. 


What can a blockchain do for you? 

Some important benefits of a blockchain include the following: 

  • Enhanced data security 
  • More trust from consumers/users 
  • More efficient and less time wasted 


Is a blockchain a must for your business? You may want to hire a professional digital marketing expert in Franklin TN for your business needs. 

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