What You Need to Know About Effective and Productive Brainstorming

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BY Chris Loomis

Coming up with amazing ideas does not always happen at a snap of a finger. Sometimes, we experience some kind of creativity block during times that we need our creative skills the most. One way to get out of the creativity rut is by brainstorming with your team to help you come up with fresh ideas. 

Brainstorming is important, especially in Marketing. How will you increase traffic on your website? What kind of content should you produce for your website? How and where are you going to promote your brand? These are only some important questions to consider when brainstorming as part of your marketing strategy. 


How to brainstorm marketing ideas 

There are several ways to brainstorm for marketing ideas. Google is one, but loads of information online can be overwhelming. Then again, there are other ways to generate ideas whether individually or with a team. Some of these ideas may work for you while some may not, so find one that suits your preference. 


Word Banking 

It is also the same thing as “word association”. But unlike word association, word banking involves forming a large group of terms describing few topics. It works because it starts with the main idea then you eventually break down that idea into smaller ideas. It is not complicated to do since it does not cover the how, why, and when of the said idea. Word banking is great to use for content creation and a precursor for in-depth research. 



This process aims to develop and explore an issue as a visual story, and then ideas are thrown here are there and connected to create solutions. You can use sticky notes to jot down ideas, then arrange and organize them that will eventually lead to the solution(s) you are looking for. Storyboarding is a great brainstorming strategy because you get to see your ideas sequentially. It is useful for marketing practitioners as it helps in outlining your marketing campaign from start to finish. 


SWOT Analysis 

Even Marketing students know what SWOT analysis is. For starters, SWOT stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. This is basically the foundation of all marketing strategies. SWOT analysis is effective because it can solve potential issues before it ever arises. You will also be able to see areas for improvement and your brand’s advantages and disadvantages over your competitors. 


Mind Mapping 

Mind mapping is often used nowadays. There is even software available that provides mind-mapping templates to organize essential data better. First, you should write the problem or task you want to solve in the middle of the screen or paper. Then you expand on the issue by jotting down terms that describe your need until you create multiple layers of ideas throughout the page that provide potential solutions. 


Tips to brainstorm great ideas 

Here are ways to effectively brainstorm amazing ideas as part of your marketing strategy. 

  • Make use of a whiteboard for every brainstorming session. 
  • Always remember for every brainstorming activity: Quantity over quality. You will eventually get there with the quality once you finalize your marketing strategy after brainstorming. 
  • Find other inspiration sources as part of your brainstorming activity. 
  • A digital marketing expert in Franklin TN will also help you come up with great strategies to boost your brand and achieve your marketing objectives. 
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