What You Need to Know About Long-Tail Keywords

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BY Chris Loomis

Keyword research and optimization are two important SEO strategies. Without keywords, your page won’t rank on search engines, your content will be useless, and it will be hard for people to find you online. An SEO expert will help you make the most out of the available SEO strategies out there to boost your brand and achieve your marketing goals.

While there are the usual keywords, there are also what we call the long-tail keywords. These are more specific and longer keywords people type on the search engine bar. Using this may result in fewer search traffic, but can also yield higher conversion rates. This article will help you understand more about long-tail keywords and why you should use them as part of your SEO strategy.


What’s in a long-tail keyword?

Long-tail keywords make one’s search more specific. These help you from standing out among the market competition. More often than not, your competitors also use the same keywords as you do. This is where long-tail keywords will help put you to an advantage.

If you have a digital marketing agency, your content and topics will be mostly about that. So, your main keywords will always be something around digital marketing. But what kind of digital marketing topics are you usually writing about? Perhaps you can focus on a specific niche such as YouTube video marketing on your next blog. And make it your main blog keyphrase for higher chances of ranking on that search term.

However, make sure not to use the same keywords on all blog posts (ex. “YouTube video marketing”). You can write other blog posts related to your main keyword (ex. “is YouTube video marketing effective?”, “common YouTube video marketing mistakes”, etc.) There are plugins available to see whether your keyphrase has the right length.


Why you should use long-tail keywords

Here are other reasons why you should consider using long-tail keywords.


Helps in higher search engine ranking

As mentioned, long-tail keywords may result in less search traffic. However, it can also help your site rank high on search results. The more specific your keywords are (long-tail keywords, in this case), the easier your page will be ranked higher. Not to mention your target audience will easily find you, hence driving traffic to your site nonetheless.


Easier to find on search engines

People are also more likely to avail your product or service since they are more specific with their search. If a person is looking for a “vegan burger in *insert location here*”, it is because that person is willing to buy that product within that area. So make sure to be specific with your keywords if you want your page to rank high on SEO.


An important promotional tool

If you believe in your product or service, you need to promote it. What makes your brand unique? What is your brand mission and what you have to offer to your audience? This is how long-tail keywords will help you. Of course, you need to create quality content for your audience. Want to know more effective SEO techniques? Contact the best SEO and digital marketing agency in Franklin TN today!

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