What You Need to Know About PPC and How It Works

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BY Chris Loomis

If you own a business, you would have to spend money on ads. Much better if you get ads for free (ex. word-of-mouth). But more often than not, you will spend on advertising to spread the word and expose your brand out there. Facebook, Instagram, and other social media channels have their ad platforms for brands and business owners. You should also have a business website that you can link to your social media pages. 

Starting a business can be challenging. For one, you need a budget to run and sustain your business. You need to spend on operation costs, salary (if you have hired manpower), and marketing and promotion. Speaking of marketing, you have to know about PPC, how it works, and how it can benefit your online business and branding. 


What is PPC? 

Also known as paid search marketing and pay-per-click advertising, PPC involves promoting your brand through paid ads. It is an advertising model wherein advertisers place their advertisements on a specific ad platform and then pay the platform host for every clicked ad. 

The customer who clicks on a paid ad will then be led to the advertiser’s official website. It is then the customer will decide whether to continue the transaction such as availing the product or service. Popular search engine platforms display ads that users would most likely search for. 

Paid search works through keywords typed in by various users. Usually, there will be an auction that will take place for the keyword before a paid ad appears on the SERPs. The advertisers will then bid on that ad spot based on the bid keywords. Several factors can affect the said auction such as the ad’s quality and the bid amount. The winning ads will eventually appear on the SERPs. 


What consists of PPC ads? 

Advertisers use Google Ads and other similar ad platforms to put their ads. These ads will then be categorized depending on the keywords used and other similar ads. PPC ads won’t work without these crucial elements such as keywords, bids, and budget among a few. 



These links users to the advertisers. Keywords are different from queries, the latter of which pertains to the actual phrases or words that the users type into the search bar. Meanwhile, marketers use the former to match what customers usually search for. 



Of course, you need to run your ads as part of your marketing and advertising campaign. Your ads would most likely share the same set of keywords and themes. Make sure to use the right keywords and ensure its quality so that it will win the auction and appear on top of the SERPs. Ideally, it should contain a URL address, headline, and a short description. 



You need a budget to place ads, which is why it is called paid ads in the first place. Bidding can either be for an individual or multiple campaigns. But one thing is for sure: your ad should be deserving enough to win the top spot of the SERPs. Also, you should spend time and money on making the best website for your business. Contact a professional web designer in Franklin TN for your web development and SEO needs!

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